A Night of Expression: Celebrating the Launch of 26 Leake Street

As we bid farewell to 2023, Camm & Hooper had much to celebrate, concluding the year with the launch of our cutting-edge venue, 26 Leake Street. On the 18th of January, over 600 event professionals were invited to experience the magic of this unique space, an event that showcased not only the venue’s potential but also Camm & Hooper’s commitment to innovation and individuality in the events industry.

The event’s theme, “Express Your True Colours,” was brought to life by our creative team and lighting and audio-visual experts, Blue Elephant. The venue’s blank canvas nature was transformed into a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours, inspiring guests to express their individuality.

The launch was brimming with entertainment, which included live demonstrations by Leake Street’s resident graffiti artists, Shauna, Stockie and Lours, who set the tone for the evening through their captivating art. The Elementals, a reputable London dance group, wowed guests with a spellbinding performance, welcoming them to a night of creativity and self-expression.

The entertainment highlights of the night included various acts from Blank Canvas Entertainment, including roaming magicians, living statue performers, and busker shows. Each performance was diverse and engaging, ensuring that guests had a fun-filled night of entertainment.

The food was a visual and sensory delight. The bespoke Italian food station, where our talented chefs prepared truffle tagliatelle and orzo, stood out with its open-kitchen design, allowing guests to watch their meals being prepared. The Shawarma Bar, designed by Leake Street graffiti artists, was a unique experience that allowed guests to personalise their chicken, lamb, or jackfruit shawarmas. Our Culinary Chefs showcased their culinary abilities with canapés and bowl food, providing a sneak peek into the 2024 Spring Summer menus.

For dessert, guests were treated to a nostalgic Sweet Shop, offering childhood favourites like pina colada dib dabs and rhubarb & custard tea fools. A cocktail-inspired candy floss machine added an extra sparkle of fun to the party.

Signature cocktails crafted by Liquid Chef James Allen put a smile on the faces of guests. The three speciality Cocktail Stations – The Tuck Shop, The Smokehouse, and The Infusion Bar – all offered a unique flavour sensation.

A huge thanks goes out to all our guests, clients, investors and suppliers who made the event truly memorable. The launch of 26 Leake Street was a testament to Camm & Hooper’s dedication to creating extraordinary events.  To explore our venues or get in touch with the team, click here.

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