Celebrating Creativity and Innovation at 26 Leake Street!

In the heart of London, where creativity meets raw urban charm, 26 Leake Street emerged as a vibrant canvas throughout October. This remarkable venue, our latest gem, transcended into a haven for extraordinary experiences.

A Night of Change Under the Arches: Reigate Grammar’s Butterfly Effect

On October 10th, Reigate Grammar alumni gathered under the arches to inspire change through their ‘changing lives, building futures’ campaign. The evening revolved around the butterfly effect concept, envisioning the positive impact of even the smallest actions. The venue transformed into a butterfly haven, with delicate winged creatures adorning tables and arches. Jazz melodies filled the air, courtesy of alumna Karolina Csathy and keyboardist Zac.

“I just wanted to thank you and the team for all your hard work to ensure that the event was a roaring success. The positive feedback we have received from attendees was exactly the impact that we were trying to create, so we are very happy with the outcome. You have acquired a great venue with lots of potential”- Jonny Hylton, Foundation Director, Reigate Grammar.

Global Action Plan: Illuminating Luxury for All

On October 19th, we had the privilege of hosting an extraordinary event for Global Action Plan, an environmental charity deeply committed to reshaping our world for a sustainable future. The event posed a profound question: ‘What would luxury that’s fair to people and the planet look like?’ Influencers spanning various sectors came together to explore this vision, delving deep into conversations about reshaping societal norms.

At 26 Leake Street, we meticulously transformed the venue into a multi-space immersive experience. Each of the three key areas served unique purposes, guiding our guests through an enlightening journey. Arch one and two were adorned with headsets that intricately detailed the narrative of a changed future. These designs, thoughtfully created and produced by talented students from Middlesex University, added a touch of creative virtuosity to the event. As our guests immersed themselves in this visionary narrative, they were then led to the working bar area. Here, amidst the ambience of comradeship, our attendees indulged in delightful canapés and cocktails while listening to speeches from inspiring activists. These passionate discussions illuminated the core premise of their organisation, leaving a lasting impact on everyone present.

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help yesterday with our event. I was so impressed with the level of service we received. I’d like to particularly thank Tobi and Alin who throughout the entire event were fantastic. It felt like nothing was too much of an ask for them- they went above and beyond to help, and they ensured everything ran smoothly. They were both an absolute delight to deal with- so friendly and attentive. They are true assets to Camm & Hooper” – Kristina, Programme Manager, Global Action Plan.

As we reflect on a month filled with creativity, collaboration, and positive change, we invite you to consider 26 Leake Street for your upcoming events. Whether it’s a corporate gathering, a celebration, or an immersive brand activation, let 26 Leake Street be the backdrop for your next memorable experience.

Have You Booked Your Christmas Venue Yet?

This holiday season, enjoy the festive spirit without the hassle of event planning. Join us at 26 Leake Street for the shared Big Winter Party, where we take care of every detail, leaving you to simply turn up and enjoy the festivities. Experience the magic of the season surrounded by the unique charm of 26 Leake Street. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your holiday celebration truly special.

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